5 fishing secrets to try when saltwater fishing NC

NC saltwater fishing has lots of fun and entertainment to offer the novice and the professional angler. There are all types of fish species located in these waters so you’re sure to find one that you enjoy reeling in. Some of the most common species found in NC include the redfish, spotted sea trout, king mackerel, sailfish and flounder.

You can go saltwater fishing in North Caroline all year long but it’s important to realize that some species are more dominate during certain seasons than at other times. Still, there will always be something biting so if you don’t have a specific species that you want to catch, you can enjoy a wonderful fishing trip anytime you go fishing.

NC Fishing Secrets

Saltwater fishing in NC can be very productive and lots of fun but it can be more exciting when you know a few fishing secrets that can help you catch more fish.

The way the fish respond is different depending on which area you’re fishing even when you’re seeking out the same species. That’s why it helps to learn a few of the secrets that anglers living in the area have learned through the years. Applying these secrets to your fishing trip can help make you more productive.

5 fishing secrets to try when saltwater fishing NC:

1. Try fishing close to the shoreline around rocks and under piers. There’s a lot of activity going on in these areas so it’s a good chance that you’ll reel in a mess of fish in a short period of time. There are a lot of large species found in these areas too which surprises many people new to saltwater fishing so, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything.
2. Most fish species won’t be very active during the heat of the day so the best time to go fishing is during the early morning, late evening or during the night. You also want to fish when the beaches are the least crowded for the best results.
3. Experiment with different techniques when saltwater fishing. For example, if casting is your favorite way to fish, try fly fishing or surf fishing to see what kind of results you get. You may find a technique that you enjoy even more than the one you’re use to. It’s recommended that you also try a variety of different baits to see what entices the fish the most on any given day. When you find one that works, use it until they stop biting and then start mixing it up again.
4. Fish within the rip current of the tide for some excellent results. The rip current is found within the tide and it’ll pull your bait outward where some of the bigger fish are located. These fish will be lying in wait for thebaitfish to be pulled out with the rip current so they can feed. Therefore, using this tip can yield some excellent results. Bloodworms are a great bait to use when fishing the rip currents.
5. Go fishing in the offseason and you’ll get the best experience possible.

When the beaches are full of tourist swimming, boaters and so forth, they’ll scare all the fish away. You must go out in a boat or find some secluded area to fish during this time of year to get the best results but in the offseason, you can go fishing most anytime or anywhere.

Learn all you can about the particular species of fish that you’re seeking out and this will help you choose the best technique and bait to use when fishing. The more you go saltwater fishing the better angler you’ll become. Nevertheless, using the five secrets above can help you reel in some nice catches as you’re improving your skills.

Saltwater Fishing Tips and Suggestions for NC

Make sure you have the right gear when you go saltwater fishing. This environment is rough on your tackle and it will corrode and ruin anything that is not designed for the salt air and water. This means that you’ll have to replace your gear too often and this could get very expensive. You also need to remember to rinse off your saltwater gear after each use so you can keep it in the best possible shape.

When fishing with live bait, choose something that the species is attracted to naturally. When fishing with lures use something that was designed especially for the type of fish that you’re seeking out. Some species will strike at just about anything but others are picky about what they eat and using something that they are attracted to will increase the number of bites you get.

When saltwater fishing in NC, pay attention to the weather. You don’t want to be caught out on the water in a storm or rough seas. It can get dangerous very quickly and your safely should always be your number one concern.

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