Tips for a successful Bahamas deep fishing sea trip

The Bahamas is beautiful sea shore where all the nature lovers visit to enjoy the beach, lie on the sandy beach to get tanned and stay in the near by hotels for a week. This is a nice holiday resort for nature lovers. In addition to the many great things you can do here, many enjoy deep sea fishing.

People enjoy going deep into the sea and fishing. Experienced fisher folks who go fishing deep into the sea often take tourists and help them enjoy the underwater fishing experience. There are quite a few reputed agents who own charters in which they take the tourists deep into the sea. Unlike other beach areas, the Bahamas is famous for sea fishing. As they go deep into the sea they are able to catch rare fishes.

Adventure charters usually take tourists counting six in each trip. Some reputed agents like Sea Cross have charters with all modern facilities available. They have most sophisticated fishing rods, AC top and comfortable seats for the tourists. They are motorized and go fast and reach the deep sea faster.

When you go deep sea fishing, there is a lot of excitement. Some people even go along on a charter just to watch others fish the first few times and get comfortable to how it is done. In the deep sea waters, many types of fish are available that you wouldn’t find in more shallow waters or areas. This is because the temperatures, sunlight and more are all different in the deep sea.

There are a wide variety of charters available for Bahamas deep sea fishing and you can choose the one that you think meets your needs the best. They are split charters; multi beat charter, corporate charter and night fishing charters as examples. If you’re planning to go Bahamas deep sea fishing in a large group, you can travel all together in one charter.

Be aware that night fishing is more dangerous and should be done only with someone qualified and experienced. If you take a night charter for Bahamas deep sea fishing, be sure you have a guide that is experienced to help you. Many anglers choose to go deep sea fishing in the night because there are certain species that can only be found at the night time hours.

At the north end of Miami Beach is the Haulover Bay. There they allow free spool. The captain guides the tourist in all ways so this is great if you have never even done this type of fishing before. The key and Bahamas trips are also available from this Miami location.

Depending on when and where you go deep sea fishing in the Bahamas, there are different types of catches you can expect to find such as:

Crabs during the full moon
Tuna fish where tuna dolphins are nearby
Much more

When you learn the proper ways to spot certain fish and where they will be located, you will have better luck at catching what you come for. While some people go Bahamas deep sea fishing looking for a particular type of catch, others just want to go for the experience and don’t really mind what types of fish they get.

Often when deep sea fishing, you will catch smaller fish in the process. Don’t get discouraged when this happens; it’s all part of the process. You can use these smaller fish as bait for the larger fish.

Deep sea fishing requires additional equipment and gear that you don’t need in other types of fishing. This is partly because you will be fishing in such deep waters, partly because of the sea water since it can cause early erosion in products and equipment not made for this and also because you will be reeling in such large catches you won’t typically be able to do it with manpower alone.

As we mentioned, it’s important to know your location for deep sea fishing. It is easier to search for fish near reef areas. Big fishes reside near the reef. A round hook used for to catch the fish is very useful since the fish gets caught in the rounded hook easily as there is a small gap. When the anchor reaches the bottom attach a float to it so that if floats and warns us about the happenings.

If you take a charter or guided fishing tour in the Bahamas, there will be an expert that knows all the proper places to search for deep sea fishing and they will be able to guide you there since they do this most every day. You should take advantage of the opportunity to have a guide, especially if you are not familiar with fishing in the Bahamas or with deep sea fishing.

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