Three tips for Alabama saltwater fishing

Flounders are fetched in numbers by live bait and artificial lures.
Groupers bait depends on the size of the groups.
Dead shrimp, cut baits and squid are favorites of kingfish.
Cigar minnows, artificial lures, live baits are great for king mackerel.
Spanish is fond of artificial lures, and live baits.
Pompano is fine with crabs.
Sailfish find dead fish, strip baits, squid and artificial lures to be special.
Live baits and artificial lures are for speckled trout.
Shark loves whole dead fish and live bait.
Sheepshead gets caught by live shrimp, and crabs.
Snappers are easily fished with cut baits on multiple hook rigs or single 7/0 hook for bigger ones.
Spadefish loves peeled fresh shrimp, squid and jelly fish.
Spot’s favorite bait is cut bait, squid, and dead shrimp.
Tarpons are fished with whole dead fish, live bait, squid, and artificial lures.
Triggers get caught by peeled fresh shrimp or squid.
Blackfish loves live shrimp and artificial lures.
Tuna can be caught by whole fish, squid, and artificial lures.
Bonito is found more with artificial lures and strip baits.
Wahoo are finely caught with artificial lures, feather lures, large plugs and small dead fish.

3 -Methods of Fishing

Tip number three involves using the right method of fishing since there are many different ways available to fish for saltwater fish in Alabama. When you learn the different methods, you can help choose the one that will work best for you and your needs.

Drifting and slow trolling for amberjack is successful. Set the hook after 5 counting to it reaches the bait.

Bluefish is abundant when trolling and casting to catch among the schools of fish; surfcasting, bottom fishing are also used. Cast, drift, or slow troll, anchor and chums are best for cobia or ling

Bottom fishing, anchored or drifting are used for croaker.

For cavalla, you can use 15 or 20 pound line, thread on a bead and tie it on the float and attach 36 inches of 30 pound test leader with a wide gap hook.

Trolling or casting helps to catch among the schools of chicken dolphin. Do not keep the fish till another angler has hooked up. Later you can wait for the next hook up.

Black drums can be caught more in the late afternoons and evenings. Strong single hook along with line and leader of proper strength is the best.

Black drums are high in rating when bottom fishing, trolling and casting spoons, plugs and jigs are used.

Flounders are fond in drifting, slow trolling, jigging and giggling, on dark moon in the calm sea.

Now that you have these great tips, you’re ready for saltwater fishing in Alabama.

Have fun!

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