Three Tactics for Pier Fishing

When you notice the piers, you will surely know that the best among the pier anglers will not go for the process of using which is described in the tackle catalogues which are mentioned as pier rods. For bite detection, normal 5 to 6oz beach caster is good and the extra length is better. A 12 ft rod usually makes the fish away from the pier support. You can choose either multiplier reel or a fixed spool, but it should be a gear train. The best choice of reels would be the one with big and strong gears.

Rigs and Selection of baits

The rigs and selection of baits that you choose will play a big role in the success you have while pier fishing. The weight of your line is important as well as the type of rig that you have. Consider these points when choosing:

What type of fish you’re going for
Where you are fishing from
The depths of the waters
The conditions of the water that day

There are many different types of bait that can be used in pier fishing. You want to choose something that will attract the type of fish you are fishing for and that also will hold up when used in fishing around piers and sandy waters.

General Tips

It’s very important to be safe when you do pier fishing. There are many different situations that can occur on the shoreline that can affect your ability to fish on the pier.

You should never stay in a situation that’s going to be dangerous for you. Storms break off and smash mussels and exposes worms and crabs. This is the type of thing you need to look out for when pier fishing.

Here are some more basic tips:

Hooking the fish away from the seabed is the best way.
Tie the rod to the pier railings.
Never fish alone.
Always have an emergency escape plan.
Bring extra supplies.

When you follow these three tactics for pier fishing, you can learn the best way possible to get the most from each pier fishing trip you take. Whether it’s just down the road to your favorite bay or to another state for a fishing vacation, you can enjoy the best that pier fishing has to offer.

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