Sea Fishing Tips You Can Use Anywhere

Generally, jigs are one of the most wanted game fish catchers, both in the fresh and salt water. Look for the proportion of the weight of the jig with your line weight. When the jig is too heavy compared to the line, there are more chances of you losing the jig. And while the jig is feeble compared to the line, the swimming pattern gets disrupted and you may end up with negative results.

If you are going to replace the treble hooks on your lures, follow some tips to make it effective. You can also change the split ring, as they too are highly subjected to stress and rust. Usage of stainless-steel split ring to make it strong and the spreading and rusting is very low, which usually come with the plugs. When you use stainless steel hooks, they are fragile for the fighting fish and are sure to bend out of shape. Even if any fish gets away with your plug, these stainless steel will not rust out, but plain steel hook will surely rust. You can also get a few split-ring pliers, to make the proper changes to the hooks easily.

Here are some more tips:

Always carry extra springs for spinning reel.
See to that the soles of your boot are not of slippery in nature.
Have snag-proof spinners, as treble hooks are subjected to snags.
When your depth sounder gives you the alert to fish deeper, you can use downriggers to make it effective. Down riggers are either electrical or with special kind of paint to attract the fishes.
Make a plug out of wood to keep up the ferrule clean all the time. Use liquid wrench to remove the stuck in the ferrule.

Have a pocket tackle box and attach a cord or a thread to it to avoid misplacing.
Line twist leads to fouled fishing. Do the proper efforts to avoid it.
The knot you tie must be strong enough to pull the fish.
Anchor pulleys avails you the risk of spooking the fish, as they squeak.

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