4 tips to catch striped bass

The striped bass is one of the popular catches for most fishermen. In fact, in

Texas the sport brings in about $20 million on one of its lakes. The striped bass

can be found in lakes, streams and oceans. This fish can survive in regular and

saltwater. The first thing you need to remember before going for a saltwater

striped bass is the difference between striped bass fishing and fishing for other

fish. Striped bass are the sort of fish that thrive in groups. You would rarely find a

striped bass alone in the water. Striped bass are also fighters. Here are some

tips on fishing for striped bass:
Striped Bass Fishing Tip #1
You have to think about what these fish like to eat? They will eat many things but

if you want to attract them quickly you can feed them with spoons, sardines,

anchovies, streamers flies etc. The best way to catch them is to have the freshest

bait you can get. Live eels and other large sea creatures are good for striped

bass fishing.
Striped Bass Fishing Tip #2
These fish like to swim in flowing, clean and clear water. They don’t like muddy

waters. You can find them swimming with their nose towards the current. You

should hold your fishing bait in the direction of the water and fish will go for the

food. If you want to catch a lot at one time then look into clear waters for groups.

If you do find a group you should move towards them, but if they smell you they

could go deeper into the water.
Striped Bass Fishing Tip #3
Fall is usually the best time to fishing for striped bass. The temperature of the

water reduces in winter. This is true for the deeper waters where the temperature

is freezing cold and stripers reach the shore or swim on the lever of water to get

warmth. If you want to catch them in summer then keep a depth measurement

device with you and find out how deep they are swimming. In the summer time

they will swim into deeper waters.
Striped Bass Fishing Tip #4
If you are looking for them in freshwater of a lake then you have to search for a

place where the water is clear and places where they feed themselves.
Fishing for striped bass just takes some common sense. You have to know their

habits and where they hang out. Striped bass are actually an endangered species

because they are overfished. The striped fish is one of the most delicious foods

and it is served in many restaurants. Remember that trolling is also a good

method to catch stripers. When you are trolling keeps your line and baits around

100 yards behind your boat. This way the fish won’t get scared by the engine.

You have to keep the boat moving steadily and very slowly. Casting is also a

good way to catch stripers. In fact, it is one of the more popular ways and can be

done anywhere and from every age range and skill level. You can cast from a

boat from the shore and from a pier or into a wave. Cast into the tide and keep

the bait as close to structures as you can.
Surf fishing and drift fishing are also great techniques that angler can use. If done

the right way you can bring home as many fish as the limit allows. The best time

to fish for striped bass is from dusk till dawn. They like to eat at night and the

moon should be dim or not visible at all. You can used top water baits for the

months of May to October because it gets hot at night and bait fish move to

shallow water. From November to April the water is cooler and there are fewer

weeds so you can use flukes and storm swim baits. The wind speeds and water

levels are important to successful fishing. If the wind is blowing from the north or

northwest around 10-30mph and the water level is around 220-224 then it is good

for fishing. If you are fishing for striped bass you will need a fishing rod that is

twelve to eighteen feet long.
It should also have two hundred to three hundred feet of fishing line. Striped bass

breed in freshwater but live in saltwater. They like quiet environments so you can

find them in places like Chesapeake Bay, Massachusetts Bay, Hudson River and

the Delaware River. Just remember that striped bass are larger fish so you will

have to use force and strength to keep a hold of one once it takes the bait. They

are one of those fish that are big and have unpredictable behaviours and they can

travel a long distance. That means that you may have to track them for long


Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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