3 Tuna Fishing Secrets

The blackfin tuna is a smaller relative of the yellowfin tuna and this is one of the most popular types of tuna found in the Texas waters. They are commonly caught off of private charter boats which is one option you have if you plan to go fishing for them. Most tuna caught by anglers will weigh between 15 and 30 pounds and the record is 40 pounds for a blackfin and 85 pounds for yellowfin.

Usually these tuna travel in schools and they can be found in the early morning under flocks of birds. Locating them under feeding birds take patience but is one of the best ways to find these fish successfully every time.

Tuna make a challenge to catch because they are tough fighters at any depth and because they can be such large fish. They are very strong with streamlined bodies that make it easy to whiz through the water and high speeds. It can take some work to tackle them back out of the water.

If your equipment is not meant to hold up to the strength of the tuna, you will lose your catch. It also helps to be in shape when fishing for tuna because these fish can literally be exhausting to fish for. Many anglers see this as part of the fun and the thrill. Bringing in a big tuna can do more than make you work up a sweat and if you’re not fit for the challenge, the fish just might overpower you and get away.

But it takes more than brawn to catch the average tuna. Since they are often able to overpower and get away, you need to use different tactics when approaching them. You should be careful approaching a school so that you don’t spook them all away. You need to approach at just the right angle so as to grab your fish without starting a school run.

You will also need to experiment with different types of bait and trolling speeds to find the right way to urge the tuna to your hook. One popular choice for tuna is the Diamond jig. Other options include the Ballyhoo, cigar minnows or ribbonfish. Remember when fishing for these big guys that they will most always run straight for the bottom when they are snagged. This means you will need to use all of your strength to hold onto that line.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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