3 Tips for Catching Flounder

It’s easy to tell when a flounder takes your bait because it will feel very heavy all of a sudden. It feels similar to a snag on the line because even though their bite is strong it’s also subtle. Keep in mind that the flounder will normally hold the bait in its mouth for a few seconds and swim off a couple of feet before actually swallowing it so, you’ll need to wait a few seconds before trying to set the hook.

There will be times when using live bait may not be practical and when you find yourself in this situation, the soft plastic lures seem to get the best results.

Red, white, pink and shiny lures work the best for flounders. These simply get their attention faster. The circle hook is recommended as being the best when fishing for this species.

When fishing for flounder, your presentation is very important because you can’t get a bite if the bait doesn’t do its job. It’s has to capture the attention of the flounder and be alluring enough for it to entice them to strike the line.

You’ll have to move the bait along the bottom but don’t jerk it around too much. All you really need to do is get the bait as close to the flounder as you can. In order to make your flounder fishing trip a success, it’s recommended that you start getting everything ready in advance. Go through all of your gear and double check it to make sure you have everything you need. You don’t want to get out on the water and not have all of the gear you need or want. Even if you plan to use live bait it’s also a good idea to take along some lures just in case you run out and you’re not ready to call it a day.

Double check your rod and reel, fishing line and tackle to make sure they are all in good shape. If you do find anything that is worn out, replace it. You don’t want to lose your catch because the rod was old and fragile or the fishing line is weak. The more time you put in preparing for your trip, the more productive it’ll be. Have a great time reeling in the flounder.

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