3 Techniques While Shark Fishing in Florida

You will also of course need to use wire leaders, preferable long wire leaders.  I choose braided wire leaders of at least two to three foot in length.  You can only imagine the wire breaking capabilities of a large shark with rows of sharp teeth.

Your hooks should be very sharp and appropriately sized.  The size of the hook is dependant on the size of the shark you are angling for and the size of bait you are using.  I have used anywhere from a 4/0 to 15/0 hook when shark fishing.

Chumming is a great tool to add to your shark fishing arsenal of techniques.  Sharks and chum go together like peanut butter and jelly.  The sense of smell in almost all species of sharks is very well developed. Sharks can detect blood from over a mile away and if close can detect it at concentrations as low as three parts per million.

Chumming is simply put release small articles of blood and food into the water.  It is done best by using a medium size wire or mesh bag to hold the chum.  The best chum to use is a frozen block of freshly and fine ground pieces of fish.  You can buy these chum block at most bait and tackle shops throughout the state of Florida.

You put this block of chum into your bag and tie it from the boat or structure you are fishing.  As the chum block melts it releases small particles of food into the water. This particles form what is called a chum slick.  It is very important that there is a constant release of chum into the water.  You need to replace chum blocks before they have melted completely. For a chum slick to be effective you must make sure the chum slick is not interrupted.

Another good method of attracting sharks that many people do not know of is through using a fresh barracuda carcass as a chum.  Sharks and Barracuda are natural enemies. The Barracuda has very oily skin and often emits a smell into the water that is much like lemons.  Many seasoned shark anglers will tie a Barracuda carcass off the end of their boat to attract sharks.  Sharks will often move right up to the boat to attack the carcass.

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