3 Techniques for Sea Fishing in California

2.       Trolling is one of the most common techniques used when fishing from a boat because it allows the angler to get the bait where they need it depending on which species they’re seeking out. You can fish at different depths at the same time and use a variety of baits. Most anglers tend to use artificial lures when trolling and it’s important to keep the boat moving at a steady speed, which is usually around six knots.

3.       Chumming is a very common technique used for deep sea fishing to draw certain types of species to the boat. With this technique, you’ll need to throw chunks of bait over the side of the boat and the smell will draw some of the larger species of fish to your area.

Now you’re ready to start reeling them in.

The best technique to use will depend on which species you’re seeking out and whether or not you’re fishing from a boat or the shoreline. It’s always a good idea to do a little experimenting to see which method works the best in different situations.

If you choose to go deep sea fishing you can venture out on your own if you have experience with this type of fishing. However, if you’ve never been deep sea fishing, it’s recommended that you use a charter service because it’s a unique experience with many adventures that can also be dangerous. When hiring a charter, make sure the crew and captain has a good knowledge of the area, weather conditions and the game fish found in the area.  In fact, it’s recommended that you only use a registered charter service to be safe.

Sea fishing in California offers many wonderful adventures for anglers of all skill levels. Still, anytime you go out into the ocean you need to be careful.

There are many dangers lurking about as well as wonderful adventures. Only an experienced seaman should venture away from the shoreline. The weather can change quickly and you never know when something unexpected will happen. If you don’t have someone on board with experience enough to know how to react in different situations, it could prove to be very dangerous.

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