3 Saltwater Tuna Fishing Tips

Once you find this species, you need to be ready for a fight. When they hit your line it will be hard because this is one powerful fish species. They also take off very quickly with your line so if you’re not paying attention you could lose your equipment. Keep the line tight and be ready to fight for a while especially if it’s a large catch. Once you get the catch up to the edge of the boat, you’ll need that gaff to get it from the water onto boat but be careful. Many times the fight doesn’t end in the water.

Tuna is attracted to live bait such as smaller yellowfins or skipjack tuna. They will also seek out mackerel, balao, squid and pilchards. Of course, there are a variety of artificial baits that will work very well. Modern technology has made some of these lures so realistic that they look just like the real thing when in the water so, the tuna don’t know the difference. That is, as long as they are presented correctly. Therefore, if you’re having problems presenting your offering, you may want to do a little practicing before heading out on a tuna fishing trip.

Reeling in the tuna can be a daunting experience. This is not one of the easiest species to catch. They are more difficult to find than some of the other species and once you do find them, you have to entice them to take your bait. There may be times that you wait for hours before they strike and many days you may return home empty handed. Still, it will all be worth it when you do land a nice catch. The thrill of reeling in this species will make up for all those times you went home empty handed but you have to be patient in order to experience this feeling.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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