3 California Shark Fishing Tactics

Shark fishing is a sport that’s rapidly gaining popularity with many anglers in California. In the past, only the most dedicated thrill seekers sought out sharks but more and more anglers are trying it. Fishing for shark is a challenge and thrill that you can’t get with other types of fish. The shark is a deadly creature that must be handled carefully. If you get careless, you can be injured or even killed but this sense of danger is what seems to attract many fishermen.
Shark fishing has become so popular over the last several years that you can even enter contests and take part in shark fishing tournaments to show off your skills is some areas. Makos, blues and tiger sharks are the ones normally sought out by these daring fishermen. However, some anglers may go after the hammerhead, bull, white or black tip and the great white shark but these are not as common as the other three.
Anglers seek out the tiger sharks because of the thrill. They are extremely strong, stubborn and acrobatic and they never seem to get tired of feeding. However, this is what makes them so dangerous. They don’t have a problem attacking and eating a human whenever it’s convenient. It will eat anything that gets in its way even if it shouldn’t be edible.
Blues will become extremely aggressive when provoked and attack anything that’s near it. Only the most experienced anglers should seek out the Mako shark because they are considered the most deadly shark of all. They tend to get very angry when they become hooked and will do everything possible to get loose, even ramming into the boat. If you go after this one, use extreme care.
Shark Fishing Tactics
Before you begin any shark-fishing trip, gather as much information about the type of shark you want to catch. This will help make the fishing trip more productive and help to keep you safer because you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you encounter one.
Here are three California shark fishing tactics to help you be more successful in your quest to reel in a shark:
1. Use heavy equipment for this species. You need stiff rods, conventional reels with a good drag and big, very sharp fishing hooks to catch sharks. Circle hooks and J-Hooks will work the best.
2. Use chum to draw sharks to your location after anchoring your boat around rocks, reefs and channels. However, make sure you get far enough away from any area where there may be others fishing or swimming to avoid accidents.
3. Try trolling for shark especially if you’re seeking out the Mako and use giant squid or mackerel as bait. This is a very effective way to attract and catch this type of shark.
These California shark fishing tactics really work and can help you in your quest to reel in this amazing and challenging species. Once you hook a shark, you are going to be in for one heck of a fight so be aware of this. Sharks, especially the larger ones, don’t give up and they will fight you until they reach complete exhaustion and some types of sharks will still try after that.
Shark Fishing Tips
Seeking out sharks is not for everyone. It is thrilling and exciting but it can be dangerous as well. Out of all the species of fish, the shark is the most dangerous of all. They are huge and have no problem eating you for lunch if you they get half a chance. In fact, some of the larger sharks will continue to bite hard until it takes its last breath so safety should be your number one concern. You must be extra careful and keep your eyes on the shark at all times. Never bring one onto the boat until you are positive it is completely exhausted. If you do, you run the risk of being injured or worse.
Another thing to consider is that not only will you be fishing for one of the toughest species in the ocean but you’re also fishing in one of the roughest environments. The shark is at home in these rough seas but you’re not. It’s unpredictable and challenging and you never really know what to expect next. You should never go out alone so always fish in groups of two or more for safety reasons. When you get tired and can no longer focus and stay completely alert, it’s time to stop for the day and head home.
Fishing for sharks is an adrenaline rush you won’t get with other species but you do need to be aware of the risk and the laws regarding this species. Before you go fishing, learn the laws regarding the sharks off the coast of California to ensure you’re following them completely so you can get the most from your adventure.

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