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Planning a trip to the Texas coast? Read these four secrets first

Texas is a great place for you to go explore and to fish. There are four things you should think about before you plan such a trip! The Cost Too often people say that they would love to go to Texas to fish but they can’t afford it. We all know that the economy has tough and that means that people don’t have tons of extra money around. However, you likely work hard and need some time to [...]

A new fishing tip for grouper and when to use it

The grouper is a very popular game fish sought out along the coast of Florida and in the Bahamas. The best place to fish for this species is in the Florida Keys. This is where they’re the most plentiful and grow the largest. Anglers visit from all over the nation to take advantage of the great fishing opportunities found here. Anglers fish for grouper because they are a strong species that will [...]

Four Reasons to Join a Deep Sea Fishing Club

Deep sea fishing is a unique way to get out on the water and reel in some of the largest species you’ve ever seen. When you travel out into the deeper parts of the water, it’ll be an experience like you never imagined. The sea is an amazing place filled with uncertainties and excitement and there is no better way to explore the ocean than with a group of anglers who are members of an elite [...]

Five grouper fishing techniques

When you want to fish for an exciting species that’s not picky about what they eat, the grouper may be the fish for you. This species is mostly found along the coast of Florida and the Bahamas but they can be found as far north as New England and in the Gulf of Mexico too. This species has a firm, white meat that tastes fantastic, which is one of the reasons why they’re such a popular game [...]

Four fishing secrets to use on stripers

Stripers are an amazing species that experienced anglers enjoy fishing for when they’re looking for an exciting time on the water. You can easily identify them by their olive green color, white belly and the 7 to 8 horizontal stripes running along their sides. They have soft-rayed portions that separate their dorsal fin, two sharp points found on the gills and two distinct tooth patches found [...]

Are you planning a tuna fishing charter? Read this first

For years, commercial fishermen have sought out tuna as a food source. Commercial fishing for tuna is a big business and always will be. Tuna is one of the most popular fish sought out for food because it has a wonderful taste and it’s sold all over the globe. However, more and more anglers are seeking them out as a sport fish today. Tuna is an exciting species because they grow to some very [...]

Five Saltwater Fishing Tactics that Anybody can use

Saltwater fishing is an exciting sport that anyone can enjoy. Being out on the beach or in the ocean is a feeling that you can’t get anywhere else. The scenery is always beautiful and the atmosphere is relaxing. You don’t need a lot of experience to go saltwater fishing especially if you fish from the shore but if you venture out in a boat, you do need to be with someone who does have experience. The [...]

What fishing secrets do you have for the Texas Coast?

What fishing secrets do you have for the Texas Coast?

To Speck, Or Not To Speck

Any new tips for me to try when I am fishing sea trout?

Which fishing rod holder do you suggest I buy?

Which fishing rod holder do you suggest I buy?

Have you ever gone deep sea fishing in nj? What gear works best?

Have you ever gone deep sea fishing in nj? What gear works best?

I want to try deep sea fishing in Mexico. What time of the year would you suggest I go?

I want to try deep sea fishing in Mexico. What time of the year would you suggest I go?

What is the best way to plan our baja fishing trip?

What is the best way to plan our baja fishing trip?

Bayou Basics

Do you think I will need special saltwater fishing gear when I go to Lousiana? What do you think I should take along?

Outfitting Your Yak For The Big One….

What do you think the best fishing rig for a kayak is?

How To Sack Stripers

We need any fishing tips you have for fresh water striped bass.

How to pick ocean fishing gear

Ocean fishing offers a variety of adventures for all types of anglers, which is why it’s such a popular sport. To ocean fish, you need a good seaworthy boat and the right fishing gear. One of your first decisions will be to determine just how far offshore you plan to travel. This will be the deciding factor in which type of gear will suit your needs the best. The gear that you choose will determine [...]

4 fishing tips to try when deep sea fishing in Maine

Many experienced anglers are attracted to the thrill and excitement of deep sea fishing in Maine and it’s easy to see why. Exploring the vast depths of the ocean is something you don’t get to do every day. When you do have the opportunity to take part in this type of fishing, it very well may be the most exciting fishing trip you’ve ever had or ever will have. Deep sea fishing involves [...]

Five fishing tips to hook more saltwater trout

Saltwater trout is a great species to seek out anytime you go fishing in the ocean. One of the best places to fish for this species is in the Gulf of Mexico but you can also fish in the southern parts of the Atlantic Ocean. Many anglers seek out this species because they have a little something to offer all types of anglers from the beginner to the professional. The smaller trout doesn’t require [...]

4 saltwater fishing flies to use and how

Fly-fishing has become more popular through recent years and this trend is expected to continue. Everyone from the professional to the weekend fisherman enjoys this method of fishing but it can be a little harder to master than some of the other techniques. Learning how to get your flies in the strike zone takes some practice but with time, it can be a very effective way to fish. Fly-fishing can be [...]
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