Speckled Trout Fly Fishing Strategies

The best time to fly fish on the surface would be when the speckled trout are actively feeding on baitfish. This is the time that you would get the most bites. You can catch them with surface flies other times as well but not as easily. However, more speckled trout are caught when using weights to pull the flies under the water.

Normally, the best time to go fly fishing for speckled trout starts around the end of April and runs through the first part of the summer months. This is when they will be found in the shallowest waters and when they are the easier to catch. September through November is also a good time to go fly fishing because they can still be found in shallow water (usually between 2 to 12 feet deep) but look for them in the grassy flats and bay areas during this time of year.

If you don’t mind getting your feet wet, then surf fly fishing by wading into the water is an excellent way to catch speckled trout. When surf fishing you need to make sure that you change your position when you’re not getting a bite.

You don’t have to move long distances at a time but try different areas such as near drop-offs, sandbars, rocks and areas where the water cuts into the bay or lagoon.

You need to cast your line past the area where you think the speckled trout will be and then move your line across that area. Have enough weight on the end of your line for the fly to sink. Once the cast is made give it a few seconds to sink and then begin with a quick jerk followed by a slow retrieval. It’s important that you experiment a little with the retrieval because the speckled trout can be finicky at times and will strike at different speeds depending on the mood they’re in. Use these speckled trout fly fishing strategies and before long, you will be fishing like a pro.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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