How to catch saltwater fish in Virginia

Flounder- Flounder is another popular saltwater choice. However, in recent years the popularity of this fish has led to certain restrictions being placed on how much you can catch and when. Since the limits often change from year to year it’s important for you to check the limit and regulations during the season that you are going fishing. Since flounder are often quite large in the ocean, it is also important that you use the proper gear when fishing for them as well. Popular baits are cut fish, strip bait, squid, live spot or croaker.

Striped bass- One of the most popular saltwater fish in Virginia is the striped bass. People come from all over the country to have a chance to fish for these beauties. They are also very large and may require special equipment.

These are just a few of the types of fish you can expect to catch while saltwater fishing in Virginia. Next you need to know where to go to find the best fish and the best fishing spots around.

Where to Fish
Now that you have all the information regarding when and what to fish, you may be wondering where. Here are some popular Virginia saltwater fishing locations:
Nassawadox Creek
Grayson’s Hole at buoy 42A
Cape Charles around buoy 36A
Fisherman’s Island
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel
Eastern Shore’s barrier island beaches
Bluefish Rock
York Spit
Back River Reef
Chesapeake Bay
Little Creek

If you have never been saltwater fishing in Virginia before, you might consider booking a fishing charter at least the first trip so that you can become more familiar with the areas, the weather conditions on the water and the types of fish that you will encounter. These tips and ideas can help you with Virginia saltwater fishing so you have a more pleasant and productive trip.

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