Virginia Saltwater Fishing

Stripers tend to feed in shallower water when available, especially if they can find an abundance of preferred diet there. This means that trolling your bait in these areas off the main channel could be the key to success. The more shad you can troll at one time at different depths, the better, when you are not in these shallower areas. Note that you will usually find a great number of stripers closer to the surface, and their affinity for shallow habitation makes them easy to spook. In order to combat the tendency for them to swim away from oncoming boats, add extra length to your shallow lines that troll behind you so that the stripers have time to return after you pass and pick up on the bait.

While there are plenty of other species to choose from in the Chesapeake Bay area, especially as the largest estuary on the continent, Virginia saltwater fishing still encompasses much of the attraction of the area. Next time you consider making a fishing excursion out to the east coast, visit the Bay area and see if you can find success at reeling in a few striped bass.

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