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Please answer my question. Im going on vacation to south carolina and am going fishing from shore. I’ve never saltwater fished before and need to know what bait, pole size and line strength i need? Im not trying to catch anything big im only 13. I don’t want to spend a lot either. THANKS

South Carolina is famous for the amount of long fishing piers that extend out into the Atlantic Ocean. They extend from North Myrtle Beach down the coast and are very effective places to fish since they extend so far into the water, reaching some deeper holes. They key thing about piers is that the entire food chain congregates around them. Small bait fish and mollusks congregate or even attach themselves to the pier. Fish like spots, snappers and other similar sized fish eat the smaller fish. Larger predators like sharks, bluefish and mackerel feed off all of the above mentioned species. You do not need to spend a great deal of money to catch a wide variety of fish in this situation. A cheap ten dollar heavy tip fishing rod is best. They key concept in pier fishing is having enough strength in your rod to quickly bring the fish onto the pier before is gets off the hook. You can also get by with a twenty dollar open faced spinning reel. I would spool the reel with line in the fifteen to twenty pound weight class. Terminal tackle and bait is all you will need form this point forward. A nice selection of very sharp hooks is a must, as are some weights of various sizes to keep your bait on the bottom no matter how strong the current. For bait you can use frozen shrimp, squid or mole crabs. All of these are readily available form local bait shops.

Daniel Eggertsen
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