Is there a rule on what type of fishing line to use when Saltwater fishing?

Is there a rule on what type of fishing line to use when Saltwater fishing? I know it depends on size of the fish, type of fish, location etc. But can you break it down for me to a few simple things to remember?

It’s true that there are no set rules when it comes to choosing a line. Instead, like you suggested, it’s a good idea to make your choice based on specific factors. For example, if you are fishing for tuna off the coast of Southern California, you’ll want to use a different line than if you are angling for bonefish in the tropical waters of the Caribbean. As a result, the most important thing to do is think about what specific factors will influence your line (location, type of fish, etc.) and then use the information you have to make the best choice. However, it’s also good to know what the most popular options are when it comes to choosing a line, including the pros and cons of using them. One of the most popular types of line is monofilament, which actually accounts for two-thirds of all fishing lines. It is a single-component product that is formed through a process in which molten plastic is formed into a strand by using a die process. As a result of this relatively simple process, monofilament is also one of the least expensive types of line. However, as a result of that, quality sometimes suffered. If you do go with monofilament line, stick with the more reliable brand names. They will likely be more durable than the cheaper knock-offs. The next type of line is braided, which is actually used primarily by saltwater fishermen, thanks to the ability of the line to help lures dive deeper and faster. They also allow longer casts. However, the disadvantage to braided lines is that they have gained a reputation for having low knot strength and impossible snags. Fluorocarbon lines have also become popular with saltwater fishermen thanks to their near invisibility in water. Fluorocarbon is also very durable. However, this results in stiffness, which means you’ll have to be even more attentive to the line when casting.

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