How to Choose The Right Ocean Fishing Reels for You

Ball Bearings – The ball bearings help to keep the line smooth while providing stability and support during the cast and when the line is being rewound onto the spool. The more ball bearings a reel is designed with, the smoother it will work. It’s suggested that you buy a reel with as many ball bearings as possible especially for ocean fishing.

Winding Mechanism – This is the part of the reel that draws the line back onto the spool after a cast. It’s designed to keep the line from tangling up while it’s being rewound.

Drag System – The drag system is part of the design used in the making of a spinning reel. It applies pressure to the line when a fish is hooked and releases the line during the struggle of reeling in a fish. The line on the spinning reel you purchase should pull out smoothly at all settings in order to prevent broken lines. You have a choice between a front drag and a rear drag. The rear drag controls can be reached easier but the front drag will work better if you’re seeking out the larger species of fish.

Spools – The spool is the part of the reel that holds the fishing line. The size of the spool and the size fishing line being used will determine how much line can be placed on a spool.

The size of the reel you use will depend on the size of the rest of your equipment. A smaller reel would be used for light gear and a heavy reel should be used with heavy tackle. Take into consideration what type of ocean fishing you plan to do along with the amount of experience you have and this will help you choose the right reel. If you fish for different species (both large and small) it’s a good idea to have several different reels available so you can switch off and use different equipment from time to time.

It’s important to have the right type of reel to match the rest of the equipment being used and to match the type of fishing you plan to do. The information listed above should help you better understand how the different reels are designed so you can make a good informed decision when you go out to buy your new ocean fishing reels.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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