5 Louisiana saltwater fishing tips

Louisiana is an amazing state that has much to offer its citizens and visitors, including some excellent saltwater fishing. Anyone can enjoy this sport even if you don’t have a lot of experience fishing in the ocean. You can go fishing anytime in Louisiana but you may want to avoid the busy season when the beaches are full of swimmers and boaters having fun in the sun.
When saltwater fishing in Louisiana you have many options. You can venture offshore a ways to see what kind of action you can find or stay on the beach. Pier fishing is a unique experience that allows you to get up above the fish. This gives you an advantage and makes it easier to reach areas you couldn’t otherwise get to from shore. Fly-fishing and surf fishing are two more options that you can try.
Anytime you go saltwater fishing you do need to pay close attention to the weather, even if you’re on shore. You don’t want to be caught in the water or on the beach in a bad storm. You also have to be aware of the rip currents that can pull your feet out from under you if you’re not careful and you don’t have to be too far out in the water for it to affect you.
5 Saltwater Fishing Tips for Louisiana
If you’ve never been saltwater fishing, then you should try it. You’ll find it to be lots of fun and there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you’re relaxing in this type of environment reeling in the fish.
Here are 5 tips to help make your fishing trip more fun and productive:
1. Avoid fishing in the heat of the day because this is when the fish are the most sluggish. The best time to go fishing is during the early morning and late evening. Fishing on days that are cloudy or slightly drizzling are also good times to saltwater fish.
2. You don’t need have a boat to fish for some of the larger species because many of them can be found near the shoreline and around piers and rocks. Fish around drop offs and grassy areas too for some excellent results.
3. Live bait works the best in Louisiana saltwater. Some of your options include herring, minnows, shrimp and shad in the small to medium size range. If live bait isn’t your thing, then you can choose to use artificial lures. Look for the ones that closely resemble the real deal. Plastic minnows and other baits designed to look and move like the real thing will usually yield some excellent results.
4. When reeling in a catch, try moving the tip of your fishing rod from side to side. This will help make it easier to get your catch to shore and prevent you from losing as many fish as they wiggle around trying to work lose.
5. Use the tide to your advantage. The tide determines how active the fish are and the current will help liven up your bait making it look more realistic and appealing.
When choosing your gear, make sure everything you use is designed to hold up to this type of environment or it will corrode from the salt water. You’ll also need good quality gear that will handle the rough waters you’ll encounter when saltwater fishing. Following these tips can help to ensure you have a fun day reeling in the Louisiana saltwater fish.
A Few Good Tactics to Use
After you make all the preparations to go Louisiana saltwater fishing, you’ll need to decide what tactics you want to use when fishing. Having a few good tactics to try will improve the number of bites you get and help you catch more fish. The ones you decide to use will depend on which species you’re seeking out but there are a few things that you can do that will work in most any situation and on any regular sized species.
Drift fishing is an excellent way to saltwater fish. Cast your line above the area where you believe the fish are located and let the current pull it through the strike zone. Allow your bait to touch the bottom and the current will make it bounce along the floor of the ocean and this will entice the fish to strike.
When fishing from a boat, trolling is an excellent way to get results. You can fish different depths and use different baits at the same time, while covering a larger portion of the water faster. This will help you find the fish quicker so you can get right to reeling them in.
Trial and error is the best way to learn what will and will not work in different situations and it’s a lot of fun experimenting. Fishing from the shores of Louisiana is a great way to spend your free time enjoying a sport that offers both relaxation and excitement all rolled up into one.

Daniel Eggertsen
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