The Best Flounder Fishing Rigs For Different Situations

Best baits used for catching flounder:


The size of bait will be determined by the size of the flounder you are seeking out. Use large bait for the bigger fish and small pieces for the younger ones. You will know when the flounder strikes your line because it will feel very heavy all of a sudden. It sort of has the feel that your line may be snagged or caught on something. This is because their bite is subtle but strong.

When you think you have a bite, don’t set the hook right away because even though they have the bait in their mouth it doesn’t mean it’s ready to be set. The flounder will normally hold the bait between its teeth and swim off a few feet before swallowing it. If you try to set the hook too soon the flounder will most likely get away.

The circle hook is considered to be one of the best types to use because it’s easier to set the hook with these. When the flounder starts to swallow the bait the hook will normally pull out and land in the corner of the mouth. To make sure you snag the flounder you start out by reeling the fish in slowly and then speed up and the circle hook will basically set itself for you.

You can purchase your rigs from most any bait and tackle shop or retail store that sells fishing gear. If you prefer, you can even make your own rigs. The one you choose to use really depends on your personal preference and what works best for you. Flounder fishing is rapidly growing in popularity as more anglers continue to discover the fun and excitement this species has to offer.

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